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Chloe Seachord - There's an App for that by FenigDurak Chloe Seachord - There's an App for that by FenigDurak
I have been bugging Chris for the ability to open and close my Steampunk wings unassisted for a while now. The ceiling fan wings were great - light weight, maneuverable, unique - but I had to have someone else latch them in the back once they were open and then again when I wanted to retract them.

He answered my requests with a set of 7-foot wide mechanical wings that are a true representation of what Steampunk is: Victorian aesthetic with the technological abilities of today.

From open to close, the process:
- With Apparition Abolishers App open, tap "Deploy Wings"
- Message travels from the iPhone mounted on my arm to the Arduino
- Arduino activates the motor which starts the top stave rotating
- Potentiometer reads the position of the top stave and tells it when to stop
- Tap "Retract Wings" in Apparition Abolishers App
- Message travels to the Arduino
- Arduino activates the motor again which reverse rotates the top stave
- Potentiometer tells the stave when to stop.

Its a lot going on, but its such a quick and fluid motion. Here, I have video taken at the Dragon*Con 2012 Masquerade:
You Tube Link

For more info on the wings, additional photos and videos and even to see the other projects we're working on in the steampunk vein, check out the Apparition Abolishers.

The photo above was taken by the nice folks at
admiranda Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Man, I feel down right Lame compared you your costume at dragon con!!! LMAO! My amy whinehouse couldnt come close to awesome as your steampunk wings! AND AN APP!! COOOOOL!!!!
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