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December 27, 2003
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Costume to see a movie in by FenigDurak Costume to see a movie in by FenigDurak
Due to a lack of pattern that was to my liking -I'm anal retentive, what can I say?- I drafted this one. Though it's hard to see in this photo, there is extensive beadwork on the cream colored fabric.
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RSJguardian11 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007
:) It's very pretty. I wish I had the figure and the guts to wear something like that to a movie.
FenigDurak Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2007  Professional Artisan Crafter
That's the beauty of this dress. It hides all manner of sins. ;)
RSJguardian11 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2007
He, he. :)
ladylucrezia Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2005
I like how you used the dark trim around the neckline and cuffs rather than the light stuff used in the movie. It looks very comfy ^^
FenigDurak Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005  Professional Artisan Crafter
It's ridiculously comfy. Perfect for winter too sicne it's three layers. Too bad I never wear it.
sephiroth012000 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
i love this pic! could i use it?
FenigDurak Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2005  Professional Artisan Crafter
Use it for what?
trinity-lea Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2005
that looks amazing! the best one ive seen anywhere, of any of her dresses!!
EyesOfUnknow Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2004   Photographer
that's a beauitful dress. I want to make my own clothes but i've never done it before can you give me some tips on how to get started?
FenigDurak Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2004  Professional Artisan Crafter
Best way to get started would either to know someone who sews that can give you nudges in the right direction during your project, or to go into the local fabric store and ask the ladies there for advice.

I recommend starting with a Simplicity Sew Easy pattern, usually simple tunics and draw stringpants. They aren't always pretty, but they can be great clothes to lounge in! Buy some inexpensive fabric so if you mess up and have to start over, it's not a tragedy. I started with some simple cotton gym shorts (though I never finished them, so I don't really count that. :) )

Eacy pattern you buy comes with sheets of directions. Best thing to do at first is to read through the ones applicable to your desired project (sometimes patterns come with options) to familarize yourself with the pattern and to get any confusion or questions out of the way.
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